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Designed to complement the most  advanced and high-performance dental CAD CAM milling machines.

They produce oil-free air thanks to four degrees of filtration; achieving a filtration of 0.005 ppm.

With a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar, they are able to guarantee the minimum pressure required by milling machines, while maintaining high performance air output.

Low speed RPM and reduced overheating; suitable for intensive use.

Includes high-performance dryer.


The DYNAMIC CAD/CAM dental compressor  manufactured by  DYNAMIC MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY, delivers high quality, clean, oil free dry air.  Suitable for various CAD/CAM applications.


The compressor is equipped with an efficient filtering system that absorbs humidity and dries the air. The filter is made with silica gel to guarantee the air will remain moisture free.


• Oil Free, Clean, Dry Air


• 3 Years parts warranty


• Suitable for HOT climates

CAD/CAM Air Compressor

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