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DX01 and DX02 optional

Dental Intraoral Digital Sensor:

(Detailed video of installation steps and relevant softwares can be found on the attached USB drive.)




All in one

You only need to connect the sensor to the computer during operation


Free X-ray device support

Free protection bags as a gift

Free shipping


Main features:


1) Operating System: Desktop and Laptop (Win 7 or above).

2) Clinically usable in a wide range of exposure settings.

3) multiple languages.

4) 3s to complete the whole imaging process.

5) High quality control: more than 50000 exposures without loss of quality.


main specifications


1) Detector: APS CMOS sensor

2) external dimensions:

DX01: 25.0 x 36.8 x 4.4mm

DX02: 30.4x41.9x4.4mm

3) Sensor active area:

DX01: 20x30mm

DX02: 26x36mm

4) thickness: 4.4mm

5) Pixel array:

DX01: 1000*1500

DX02: 1300*1800

6) true resolution: 20 lp/mm

7) Image transfer: USB 2.0

8) Cable length: 3m/9.9ft

9) gray levels: 16 bit


Packing list:


1 * sensor

1 USB drive

1 x Sensor Bracket

1 * Handbook

* Protection bags

Digital Dental sensor

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