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CE FDA Digital Dental Intraoral Scanner 3D Scanner with Software and Real Color    WATCH THE VIDEO INTRODUCTION


Original Manufacturing.




Ergonomic design

Does not need calibration

High temperature and pressure autoclavable tips


Advantages of the SOFTWARE:

Ture color scan and image

smart algorithm

Humanized Helper Functions


Main features:


1) 15mm depth of field to provide scanning efficiency and ensure data integrity.

2) Scanner tips with automatic mirror heating to ensure data accuracy.

3) ergonomic design (size and weight).

4) Pen-type operation, flexible imaging unit transformation.

5) includes software and actual color.


main specifications


1) Weight: 350g

2) Handle dimensions: 240 x 39.8 x 57mm

3) Scan tip dimension: 18.5*19mm

4) Received file format: STL, OBJ, PLY 

5) Disinfection method: autoclave and sterilization

6) Single unit precision: 10μm (±1.1μm)

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Intraoral Scanner

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